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Welcome to Ancient Kemet

Hey guys,

welcome to temporary site of Ancient Kemet, the upcoming MMORPG based in ancient Egypt. We’re closing our development stage and will be happy if you join us for free Alpha testing.

Till we get the final website up (which will be very soon), please

  • have a look at the game overview
  •  what’s next in plan
  •  drop us a message
  • and follow Ancient Kemet on

See you in Ancient Kemet very soon.

Iteru from Dev Team

Ancient Kemet the Game


Upcoming MMORPG based in ancient Egypt

Embark on a fantastic journey in times of ancient Egypt and help build one of the most fascinating world.

ancient-kemet-quote-blueKemet in ancient Egyptian means the black mud that covered the banks of the Nile after annual flooding and made the land around fertile.

Write your own story in Kemet

Create your own character and choose your destiny. Help build the land of Kemet into its own glory. Choose your strengths wisely, both in combat and in daily life. Work in your village, help it grow, keep the gods happy, embark on quests and missions with your friends in real time, slay enemy players and terrible monsters.

Trading in village - Ancient Kemet, upcoming MMORPG - free alpha testing 2015

Fight for the glory of Kemet

Choose your path as a melee warrior, a ranged fighter or a powerful caster. Team up with friends and other players and fight enemy players, defend your village and clash your weapons with mighty monsters. The Temple of Resurrection will be the first of the scenarios to roll out and you will get the chance to measure your strength agains dreadful Ur’bak. If you have what it takes, you can even become one of them…

Temple - Alpha Testing - Ancient Kemet 2015, MMORPG

Live and work happily in Kemet

Build your own house, take care of your own farm. Venture into the wonderful countryside for resources, chop down trees, look for precious materials and put them all into use. Create your own tools and materials. Check out fantastic Kemetian recipes with cool buffs for your fight. Bring your friends along and make new buddies to enjoy the true spirit of team play.

Hunting boars in Ancient Kemet - free alpha testing 2015

Are you ready to join Ancient Kemet?

We are looking forward to meeting you in Kemet. Follow the game on social networks to stay up to date with news on free Alpha testing 2015.

The story of Kemet so far…


Ancient Kemet started as a fascinating idea of two brothers, Amunrob and Tollhotep, several years back. After countless hours spent coding, creating visuals and more detailed concept, in 2010 the base of Ancient Kemet was born.

Since then Ancient Kemet has evolved visually and the game-play, story and mechanics have grown into more ideal picture. Iteru joined the team and in 2013 Ancient Kemet had amazing Alpha Testing  on our custom engine built from scratch.

Check out the video from Alpha 2013!

Ancient Kemet Alpha 2015

  • Build on a new engine
  • New graphics and visuals
  • Engaging game play, quests, activities, both PVP and PVE
  • New storylines and lore

In 2015 we’re kick-starting the new Ancient Kemet and you are all more than welcome to be a part of it!

What’s next for Ancient Kemet

At the very moment we’re building up a new website, which will have a lot more information, content, screenshots and more multimedia from the game.

So what’s the plan for Ancient Kemet in 2015

  1. New website release
  2. Videos and multimedia content
  3. Alpha Testing – 1st round – check out cool combat, be among the first ones to embark on missions and quests with friends and discover many fun things you can do in Ancient Kemet
  4. Alpha Testing – 2nd round – head into the Temple of Resurrection, fight the enemy team for mysterious artifacts and great rewards. On top of that there will be new activities added – craft your own tools, materials, cook new food items and get your character ready for Beta!

Meet the team

Kemet Dev team, based in Slovakia (EU) is made up of dedicated game developers, who grew up together playing games and decided to do what fascinates them the most. Voila, here comes Ancient Kemet.

  • Amunrob – Robert Kollar – Game Development
  • Tollhotep – Dominik Kollar – Visual Art
  • Iteru – Nika Kollarova – Marketing & Sales


Got a question or just wanna say Hi to Kemet? Get in touch via social networks or, please, use the form below.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Ancient Kemet”

  1. Hey this looks like a great game and i would like to join the pre alpha but i dont know where to click to play it.

    1. Hey Sebastian,

      Ancient Kemet is not playable yet, it is heading for Alpha Testing later on in 2015 and we’ll be releasing more news pretty soon.

      Stay tuned for more info and see you in Kemet soon.

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Upcoming MMORPG based on Ancient Egypt