Welcome to Ancient Kemet, an upcoming MMORPG based in ancient Egypt. Embark on a fascinating journey in an amazing world and help Kemet raise into glory!

Kemet in ancient Egyptian means the black mud that covered the banks of the Nile after annual flooding and made the land around fertile.

Step into the fabled land of Kemet

Create your own character and start writing your own story in Ancient Kemet. Customize your looks and jump in for your own adventure and life in the fascinating land of pharaohs!

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Explore and master the basic skills

Before you are ready to help Kemet to its rightful glory, Iteru the Guide will quickly show you around. Learn the basics, explore the village and area around it. Pick up the basic tools everyone in Kemet needs to make their ways.

From chopping down trees, mining minerals, growing your own food via crafting handy items, clothes, armor, weapons or energizing meals to mighty buffs and blessings in exchange for honoring the Gods, there are many ways in Kemet, how to make oneself better prepared for glorious battles or dangerous missions!

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Hone your skills and show off in battles

The peaceful land of Ancient Kemet entails many dangers. Skill with weapons is needed not only in hunting. Peril lurks from the countryside, for the unexplored areas and as the dark whispers go, even from within Kemet itself!

Test your prowess in a match with friends or on a dangerous mission. Close combat with heavy weapons, sharp eye and steady hand with a bow or powerful mind in accordance with gods magic, Kemet needs all its warriors! Train in arenas, in fights with marauders, hone your skills as the peaceful times are starting to crawl with rumours about greater evil. Luck favours the prepared.

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Bring your friends along and make new ones!

Ancient Kemet is a lot about team play. Doing missions with friends is much more fun and a lot easier. Complete tasks, slay monsters, explore new areas faster! Ancient Kemet is a massively multiplayer game, where team work in your village matters a lot.

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Alpha Testing 2015 – It all starts here…

This year Ancient Kemet launches its Alpha version – the first players will get the chance to test the character, the combat style, explore the basics and have a lot of fun.

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Upcoming MMORPG based on Ancient Egypt